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Our company was established in 1989 and has been manufacturing safety valves used in inflammable and explosive environments since 1992. During the last one and a half decade, significant technical and technological developments were achieved both in the area of extending the scope of application of our valves and that of manufacturing and inspection procedures. Today, our company does not only manufacture petrol station valves but our valves, specialised over time, are used at major strategic storage facilities and in the chemical industry as well.
Excellent quality of our products is guaranteed by our highly educated professionals, up-to-date manufacturing and development environment, as well as our ISO 9001 quality assurance system, in place since 1997.
Ongoing product development, operation of our inspection and controlling laboratory, as well as ongoing control by the BKI Ex Inspection Station designated and accredited by the EU ensure that our valves provide appropriate protection in explosive environments.
The main profile of our company is production and development of safety valves used in inflammable and explosive environments. Our valves were qualified by BKI as appropriate in 1993 for the first time and the Technical Safety Authority granted a permit of production to us based on this. The majority of our valvess already have a certificate according to the EU Directive 94/9 (ATEX), which allows us to distribute them in the European Community.
Petrol station assemblies:
Oil and chemical industry assemblies:
Mechanical overfill controllers
Deflagration arresters
Repair, maintenance
Ball float closing valves
Detonation arresters
Pipe filters
Flame arresters
Designing and manufacturing special safety valves
Certified level gauges
Deflagration, detonation arresters
FöldFém Kft. Official website
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